Marina, Marina Village & Quays


The Marina Vision

The planned multi-million cost, 400 berth marina for privately owned boats may be linked by a short new canal to the sea  giving pleasure craft 24 hour a day access.

Marina berths will be situated on the Barrow side of Buccleuch Dock adjacent to the Town Quay, with further berths on the Barrow Island side of Ramsden Dock.

Access to the Marina

Boat access is via the dredged Piel Channel to the Buoyed Port and Starboard Dock Gates. Access is available x hours either side of high tide. Communication with the harbour master is available via open channel 16.

Marina Village

The marina village will from part of a dockside development that will also include shops, restaurants, an athletics track and children’s play areas.

The village,  will consist of aroud 600 homes for families, couples and single people within a network of pedestrian and cycle-friendly streets and open spaces. Story’s of Carlisle are the preferred developer.

A main marina square which will house hotels, bars and restaurants will be located on the Waterfront, with several smaller squares forming the basis of the majority of the housing. Barrow Borough Council will be leading this element of the development.

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The four proposed areas are:

  • Marina Quays
  • St. Georges
  • Park View
  • Dockside

Marina Quays

Marina Quays will be the public face of a regenerated Barrow and contain a mix of uses to support the marina. To maximise the potential of the Buccleuch Dock urban waterfront, higher densities are encouraged and development will therefore be predominately apartments and townhouses. A series of public spaces along the waterfront should be linked by an extended Town Quay.

St George’s

St Georges is adjacent to the St Georges Conservation Area and sits below the historic St Georges Church. It forms the primary gateway into Marina Village and townhouses and apartments should define the key routes (Cavendish Dock Road and the extension of Rawlinson Street). Off the key routes, a mix of family housing should be developed which responds to the character of the Conservation Area and adjacent town centre.

Barrow-in-Furness Local Development Framework
Barrow Port Area Action Plan Preferred Options – August 2007
Section 5 Preferred Options for Opportunity Areas & Key Sites 65

Park View

Park View will be the quiet quarter and should focus on a central residential park or village green. A mix of family housing should be developed and townhouses should define the key routes (Salthouse Road and the extension of Rawlinson Street). Streets at the heart of the quarter should be pedestrian orientated to allow for safe play and discourage traffic.


Dockside will be the green quarter focused on the other waterfront at Cavendish Dock. Consequently, a higher eco-homes rating will be expected in this quarter. A mix of family housing should be developed along with apartments maximising views across Cavendish Dock. Minimising the environmental impact on Cavendish Dock and the latest thinking in sustainable design and construction will be a priority in this area. of the street is not compromised