Acquiring a site


David Wiggins, MRICS, Estates and Investment Manager, at Cumbria County Council is your lead contact to open negotiations for purchase of plots of land at Waterfront Business Park. His contact details are:  

T:01229 221 792    Email: david.wiggins@cumbria 


The Planning authority is Barrow in Furness Borough Council, Town Hall, Duke Street, Barrow in Furness LA14 2LD.

Planning policy framework for development at the site is the Barrow Local Plan approved on 4 June 2019. For help in interpreting the plan contact: Helen Houston Tel: 01229 876 363.

You can view the Local Plan here:   

Its key policies are as follows:

Policy EC1: Waterfront Business Park Strategic Employment Opportunity Area (see proposals map)
The Waterfront Business Park, identified as part of the wider Barrow Waterfront regeneration
area, is an employment site of regional significance suitable for advanced manufacturing and
supply chain growth. Development should contribute positively to a high quality employment
location and will be assessed against other relevant policies in the Development Plan.

The plan is complemented by the Barrow Port Area Action Plan, which you can find on Barrow Borough Council website.There are plans to introduce a Local Development Area scheme for the site. 

For assistance and advice on submitting a planning application contact Barrow-in-Furness Borough Council’s Jason Hipkiss Tel: 01229 876485.


The 11.98-hectare Waterfront Business Park is a strategic business location situated at the western end of the A590 adjacent to the ABP owned port of Barrow and BAE SYSTEMS shipyard. 

Below is a brief description of the main highways and developments in the port and waterfront areas.

Ramsey Way, Ramsden Dock Road

Ramsey Way was the focus for the first phase of major growth at Barrow Waterfront between 2006 and 2011. using a mix of ERDF and NWDA funding The channel side on the west side of the road became wind farm Operations and Maintenance bases servicing Barrow, Ormonde, Walney 1 and 2 windfarms. After 2012 the West of Duddon Sands then the Walney Extension offshore windfarms were developed into a cluster of wind-powered electricity generating facilities which are the largest on the UK west coast. Round 4 licencing announced in September  2019 offers potential to add to these facilities.

Dova Way

The Phase One development undertaken between 2015 and 2018 delivered approx. 300,000ft2 of investment occupied by BAE SYSTEMS Resolution Building on the south side of Dova Way. 

The second phase of the Business Park lies on the north side of Dova Way, it comprises three plots:  

Earlier Site history 

Creation of the Business Park has been funded through Cumbria County Council using former Northwest Regional Development Agency, ERDF and Cumbria LEP Growth Deal funding. 

The first major change took place in 2006 with a new access road – Harding Rise, site servicing landscaping and plot creation.  The investment has been part of a wider Barrow island regeneration scheme which has included:

  • a huge shipyard modernisation by BAE SYSTEMS, including a new £25m Training Academy;
  • creation of over 300 new homes at Maritime Apartments (featured in the Government’s 2019 National Design Guide) using Empty Homes funds, delivered by Barros;
  • creation of a residents hub at Egerton Buildings;
  • Cavendish Park leisure sports facilities;
  • regeneration of the Royal Hotel;
  • investment in A590 North Road and local highway improvements at Michaelson Road, Ramsden Dock Road;
  • investment in the Dock Museum.


Companies wishing to lease land or buildings within the operational port area from ABP or to explore ABP delivery of premises for their use should initially contact: Chris Clouter at the Port Office Tel:: 01229 822 911.

Barrow Local Plan Policy P1 reads as follows:

Policy P1: The Port of Barrow
Within the Port Area identified on the Proposals Map, development proposals for port and
port related use, including those linked to the ‘Energy Coast’, will be supported and where
appropriate approved by the Council if the submitted scheme accords with other relevant
policies in the Development Plan, and can pass the tests of the Habitat Regulations.
Areas that benefit from existing or potential access from deep water will be protected for port
and port related uses.
Any proposals for new development on land in close proximity to the Port Area will be
required to fully assess the potential impact on the Port of the proposed use and where
necessary, provide mitigation as part of the new development to ensure that there is no
unacceptable impact on the Port.


Companies wishing to acquire property, lease premises or land from the Council should initially contact: David Joyce, Estates Manager Tel: 01229 876 362.

The Council owns dock side quay space at Woodbridge Haven situated off Cavendish Dock Road, between Cavendish Dock and Ramsden Dock Basin and the rail aggregates loading area at ADEB by Cavendish Dock.

Harding Rise Waterfront Gateway Managed Business Centre which has 16,084ft2 of floorspace will also be operated by the Council delivering up to 28 office suites available to lease from after 31st January 2020. This facility is only available for lease by expanding small or medium sized companies, which satisfy the Council’s “gateway criteria” that are listed on the page about Harding Rise.


if your company wishes to develop operations in the 204 hectare Energy Opportunities Area located to the south-west of Barrow give us a call on: M: 07836254721 or write to

The Barrow Local Plan policy for this area reads as follows:

Policy EC7: Energy Uses Opportunity Area
The area identified on the Proposals Map around and including the North and South
Morecambe Gas Terminal and former Roosecote Power Station is considered to have
specific potential and suitability for uses related to and supporting management of the
exploration, production, generation and transmission of energy. Existing energy industry and
related development will be protected. New energy industry and related development will be
encouraged in this area subject to meeting the criteria in Policy EC3 and the requirements of
any accompanying environmental assessments.